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Bird Flu Warning
January 18, 2018

On 18 January 2018, Defra introduced an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone in England. This means it is a legal requirement for all bird keepers to follow strict biosecurity measures.
This comes as H5N6 bird flu was confirmed in 13 wild birds in Warwickshire, a few days after bird flu – highly expected to be the same strain – was found in wild birds in South Dorset on 12 January 2018.
We’ve introduced a new Avian Influenza Prevention Zone which applies to everyone who keeps poultry or captive birds in England. All keepers must follow our detailed legal requirements on strict biosecurity, whether they have commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock. View our best practice biosecurity advice.
Read more about the current risks in our latest veterinary outbreak assessment.
UK Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens said:
Following the latest finding of bird flu in wild birds in Warwickshire, we are extending our action to help prevent the virus spreading to poultry and other domestic birds.
Whether you keep just a few birds or thousands, you are now legally required to meet enhanced biosecurity requirements and this is in your interests to do, to protect your birds from this highly infectious virus.
What to do if you keep poultry and captive birds
If you keep poultry – whether that’s a few birds in your garden or a large commercial flock – you must take steps now to review your biosecurity. You should also:
register your birds with APHA;
report any sick birds;
sign up for disease alerts.
Review your biosecurity
Bird flu is spread by direct contact between birds and through contamination in the environment, for example in bird droppings. This means wild birds carrying the disease can infect domestic poultry, so the best way to reduce the risk of your poultry catching bird flu is to minimise chances for them to come into contact with wild birds or their droppings by practising good biosecurity.
You must review your biosecurity measures now. This means reading government guidance on good biosecurity and taking action to:
minimise movement in and out of your bird enclosure
clean footwear before and after visiting your birds
keep bird enclosures clean and tidy and regularly disinfecting any hard surfaces
humanely control rats and mice
place birds’ food and water in fully-enclosed areas that wild birds cannot access, and remove any spilled feed
keep your birds separate from wildlife and wild waterfowl by putting suitable fencing around the outdoor areas they access
make sure equipment, feed and bedding are stored undercover so they cannot be contaminated by wild birds
where possible keep chickens and turkeys separate from ducks and geese
Read and download our advice poster for keepers of poultry (PDF, 1 page).
Register your birds
We encourage all keepers to register their birds with Defra so that we can contact you quickly if there is a disease outbreak in your area and you need to take action. If you have more than 50 birds, you are legally required to register your flock within one month of their arrival at your premises. Find out how to register your birds.
Report signs of disease
If you suspect disease in your own flock, or you find dead wild birds such as wild ducks, wild geese, swans, gulls or birds of prey, you must let Defra know. Call the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77.
Sign up for disease alerts
By signing up to the free disease alert system you will get text alerts and emails informing you of the latest news about bird flu and Newcastle disease outbreaks in Great Britain.

Winsford 100 Club – January Winners
January 13, 2018

Winsford 100 Club – January Winners


1st          Theresa Thompson (81)         £30

2nd         Jackie Mohan (205)               £20

3rd          Dave Williams (162)              £10

4th          Mike Hillier (119)                  £10

Buddy Holly Tribute Night
January 12, 2018



This event is now SOLD OUT!

Yoga Breathwork Meditation
January 11, 2018



Winsford Village Hall Friday 6-7.30pm – Restorative, Candlelit Yoga (Jan 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, feb 16th and 23rd) Saturday 10-11.30am – Morning, Sati Yoga (Jan 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, feb 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th) Drop-in or contact Vanessa m. 07525 725183 Email: All abilities, men and women welcome – £9 per class I am Yoga Alliance registered and have been practicing for 15+ years. Join me for an embodied integration of breath-led movement, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. A gentle but powerful practice for optimal balance in mind-body-heart.

yoga flyer 2018 FINAL

Basic Obedience & Gun Dog Training
January 10, 2018

Basic Obedience & Gun Dog Training

One to One Lessons by Arrangement

Group Classes every other Sunday Morning 10.30- 12.30

Meadow by the River Exe, Winsford

All Levels catered for Puppy, Novice and Advanced.

Please contact Debbie Zurick for details on 01643 831427


Gun Dog Training

Gund Dog Training 3Gun Dog Training 1

Winsford Dog School
January 10, 2018

Last year saw the start of the Winsford Dog School which ran training courses from pups to geriatrics!

Training was not the only aim, as by having a film show, a talk from a local vet and a group walk the school

raised £130 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Classes are now about to restart on Monday:       6.30pm & 7.30pm

                                                    Wednesday:  6pm & 7pm

The courses run for six weeks at a time and all are welcome.

To book a place please contact:

Suzy on 01643 851281

One to One is always available for behavioural issues

or training to get ahead!

Winn Club 2018 Spring Programme
January 8, 2018

Winn Club Spring 2018 Programme

Wednesday January 18th 2.30pm, Weather talk by Sue Shaw.
Sue has had a 30 year career in meteorology and will explain how the Met Office provides a forecast from a thermometer on a Stevenson Screen to Carol Kirkwood’s forecast. Sue will bring along some weather kit and use her laptop to provide illustration and will be happy to answer any questions. Followed by our usual excellent tea!

Wednesday February 14th 2.30pm, talk by Brian Wright The Hare in Nature, History and Folklore.

The Hare is Britain’s swiftest mammal, we look at the natural history and other aspects of this fascinating animal including, boxing, religious associations and other beliefs also its appearance in art and literature, illustrated with slides. Followed by tea, any edible contributions on the Valentine Day theme are welcome!

Wednesday March 21st AGM, and Spring Bring and Buy!

Annual 5 pound subs due.
Our all members AGM (non-members welcome) to elect their Committee, new Committee Members are welcome. Discuss and vote on ideas for the Summer Programme and any other points you’d like to raise. Followed by a well-deserved tea!
We look forward to seeing all of you through the Winter months to support the Winn Club and hope you enjoy our programme.
Talks, inclusive of full afternoon tea, are just 5 pounds and will be at Winsford Village Hall!

Moor Movies – 2018
January 2, 2018

in Winsford in 2018

Tuesday 23rd January
Visually stunning World War II drama about the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk. Starring Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh
and Mark Rylance.

Tuesday 13th February
Extraordinary true story of the friendship formed between Queen Victoria and a young Indian clerk during her Golden Jubilee. Starring Judi Dench.

Tuesday 6th March
A group of close friends celebrate a political promotion, but once the guests arrive not everything goes down as smoothly as the red wine!
A dark comedy starring Kristen Scott Thomas and Timothy Spall.

Tuesday 27th March
Inspiring true-life story of a couple who refuse to give up when he is paralyzed from the neck down with Polio. A heart-warming old-fashioned tale of triumph over adversity. Starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy.

Tuesday 17th April
Stylish and suspenseful Agatha Christie mystery set on a snow stranded train with Hercule Poirot on board to help solve the puzzle.
An all-star cast!

You can always check the Winsford Website for details

Winsford Village Hall 7.30 p.m.

Rectors Letter – January 2018
January 2, 2018

Rector’s Letter

I hope you are having an enjoyable and rewarding celebration of Christmas and the New Year.

The Newsletter discussions continue about whether it will be possible to re-launch Across Exmoor, or something similar, at some point. The earliest realistic date for this would be an April 2018 edition. Until then at least, and perhaps from now on, I will publish a Benefice Newsletter. Items for the newsletter, to be included where space allows, should be emailed to the address below*, or posted to the Rectory, or phoned in to me. Details wanted are date, venue, time, event name and descriptive word (whist-drive, craft club, coffee morning, etc) and if you would like, your name and contact telephone number. Space is limited to the back page but I will do my best to include all local events of interest.

A thought for January: One of the aims of the church is to offer space – for reflection, a pause for thought, a chance to dream. At the Grenfell Tower service in St Paul’s Cathedral the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke about the infinite value of each person.

A society in which each person is afforded infinite value may seem like a dream. One reflection on the Grenfell Tower disaster was that the residents of that tower, along with other marginal members of society were undervalued. The response to the disaster shows that when the results of ideology, politics, economics become embodied in individual stories, individual faces, then ideas, policies, strategies can appear in a different light. The key message and experience of Christmas is ideas of God, holiness, value embodied in a human being, a vulnerable baby, whose birth sheds light on the meaning of life for shepherds and kings, for the marginal and the privileged, for all of us. The churches offer us this opportunity to reflect, pause for thought and dream in this light, the light of Jesus Christ as we enter 2018 and the possibilities and opportunities this new year may bring.

On 28th January the Benefice Communion for the feast of Candlemas will offer the opportunity to reflect again on this theme of the light of Christ. Candles are blessed at this service to take home as a reminder of this light throughout the year.

Please bring a candle to be blessed or make one from the kits provided during the service.

David Weir



Contact details:

Rector of Exmoor               Rev. David Weir     01643 831330

Benefice Reader                 Mrs Mary LeCoyte  01643 851399

Benefice Curate                  Rev. Nicola Butt     01643 841713

Email:  Church Matters:

Newsletter Matters


Winsford 100 Club – December Xmas Draw Winners
January 2, 2018

1st Jenny Lawson £100
2nd John  & Carole Cottle £ 50
3rd S & T Cardwell £ 30
4th Laura Griffin £ 20
5th Charles Hayes £ 10

Rector’s Letter – December
November 28, 2017

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control the December Across Exmoor magazine has not arrived. However a news sheet has been produced and comes with best wishes for Christmas from the Exmoor Benefice and which gives basic details of services and events in December and in to the New Year. A copy of which can be found in The Oak Shop and on the Notice Board.

I apologise to disappointed contributors, advertisers and readers. Over the last few months I have discovered how complex, time consuming and in the absence of a volunteer editor, increasingly costly it is to produce Across Exmoor: it has been remarkably straightforward and inexpensive to produce a news sheet, given the consistent difficulties of producing a full magazine, I will be thinking in terms of a sheet for the foreseeable future. There may be an opening here for a motivated member of the community.

A thought for Christmas. What Christmas means in 20th century West Somerset is a complex mixture of ancient origins and more recent themes. What the churches offer is an opportunity to hear again the story of the birth of Jesus, within the evocative surrounding of our ancient buildings, their history, prayers, space, peace, quiet, an opportunity to sit with others in a generous environment of mutual encouragement and think about what is important to you; to feel a range of emotions and to allow yourself to be inspired.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Best wishes  David Weir

Carol Singing on The Green
November 28, 2017

Carol Singing

Winsford Village Green

Wednesday 20th December


Everyone is welcome in The Royal Oak afterwards.

In Aid of Children’s Hospice South West.

Parish Magazine December
November 27, 2017

Unfortunately the Across Exmoor Parish Magazine will not be published this month. Listed below is the diary of local events.


Events Calendar (this month’s events in local parishes only)

2 Dec 6.00pm Annual Calvert Trust Carol Service Exford Church
5 Dec 7.30pm Start St Johns, Cutcombe,Annual Whist Drive Moorland Hall
7 Dec Chiropodist Visit Moorland Hall
9 Dec 8.00pm Family Christmas Bingo in aid of Exmoor Young Farmers Winsford Village Hall
10 Dec 12.30 Exmoor Foxhounds Christmas Lunch 12.30 for 1.00pm Moorland Hall
11 Dec 7.30pm Barle Singers – Colours of Christmas – Carols old and new Exford Church
11 Dec 2.00pm Winsford Craft Club (2pm to 4pm) Winsford Village Hall
12 Dec 7.30pm Cutcombe Parish Council Meeting Moorland Hall
12 Dec 7.30pm Partner Whist Drive in aid of Little Berries Exford Memorial Hall
12 Dec 11am Luxborough Coffee Morning Old Post Office Luxborough
12 Dec 7.30pm Moor Movies – “Hampstead (12A)” Winsford Village Hall
13 Dec 12.30pm The Winn Club Christmas Lunch Tea Rooms Winsford
13 Dec 1.30pm Cutcombe First School Christmas Play “Lights, Camera, Action” Dress Rehersal Moorland Hall
14 Dec 6.00pm Exford First School Christmas Play “Hey Ewe! Exford Memorial Hall
14 Dec 6.00pm Cutcombe First School Christmas Play “Lights, Camera, Action” Moorland Hall
14 Dec 7.30pm Exmoor Foxhounds Supporters Club AGM Exmoor Forest Inn
16 Dec 7.30pm Hawkridge Christmas Whist Drive in aid of Churchyard upkeep Hawkridge Village Hall
18 Dec 8.00pm Bingo in aid of Exford Social Club Exford Memorial Hall
19 Dec 6.00pm Exton, Carol Singing around the village. Afterwards congregate at The Badgers Holt. In aid of The Youth Club Meet at Church


Winsford 100 Club – November Winners
November 6, 2017

November Winners


1st           Tim Debney          £30

2nd          Ueli Zellweger       £20

3rd          Veronica Bown       £10

4th          Andy Williams        £5

The Cruel Sea – A talk on the Battle of the Atlantic 1939-45
November 2, 2017

The Cruel Sea

A talk on the Battle of the Atlantic 1939–45 exploring how the Allied Convoys defeated Hitler’s U-boats?

Given on behalf of Minehead Museum, the Talk is by Naomi Waters, granddaughter of D W Waters, Naval Historian and former Deputy Director of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Naomi has also studied the subject in some depth and will share her and her grandfather’s thoughts with us Thursday 30th November @ 7.00pm @ the Beach Hotel, The Avenue Minehead

Tickets, to include refreshment, are £3; entry is free to Friends of Minehead Museum.

For further information do please contact

The Cruel Sea, a talk on the Battle of the Atlantic 1939–45 exploring how the Allied Convoys defeated Hitler’s U-boats?

Given on behalf of Minehead Museum, the Talk is by Naomi Waters, granddaughter of D W Waters, Naval Historian and former Deputy Director of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Naomi has also studied the subject in some depth and will share her and her grandfather’s thoughts with us Thursday 30th November @ 7.00pm @ the Beach Hotel, The Avenue Minehead

Tickets, to include refreshment, are £3; entry is free to Friends of Minehead Museum.

For further information do please contact Janet Styles on 01643 822097/

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2017
October 26, 2017

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2017

Only the Royal British Legion provides a lifetime of care for our brave Armed Forces and their patriotic families.

The official date for the start of this year’s collection is Saturday 28th October. I hope that you will welcome our volunteer door-to-door collectors when they call on you,or support our shops and hotels who will also have poppies available.

This year there will be a service at Exford Memorial Hall on Friday 10th November at 10.50am and at St Mary Magdalene at Exford on Sunday 12th November at 10.45am.

Everybody is welcome and we hope you will support such a worthy cause.


Volunteer Drivers
October 26, 2017

Volunteer Drivers


Drivers are urgently required for the hospital car service. If you live in Hawkridge, Withypool, Simonsbath, Exford, Winsford or Cutcombe and can spare a little time to drive patients to Doctors, Dentist or hospital appointments.

We need you.

You are paid £0.45 per mile, for every mile driven.

Please spare a little time for this worthwhile cause, without counter drivers it will be impossible to continue this sought after service.

For more information please call: 01643 831500


Winsford Rainfall Statistics for September
October 26, 2017

Winsford Rainfall Statistics for September

Total               118.6mm          4.67 inches

Wettest Day     10th                15.8mm

Craft Fair
October 26, 2017

Craft Fair

Sunday 5th November


Winsford Village Hall

Tables of Crafts

Cake Stall & Refreshments

Money goes to our Craft Club

The Benefice Choir Concert – Thank you
October 26, 2017

Brenda would like to thank everyone who supported this event on 22nd September. For various reasons the choir was down to eleven singers, but the audience enjoyed the varied programme, and £165 was raised for the Exmoor Community Youth Club. The raffle raised extra money for new music.

Thanks also to April Goulding who accompanied us, helped by John and to our guest performers, the Rev. David Weir and Barbara Pears.

Choir practice has resumed – Thursdays at Winsford Church, 7.30pm and new members would be very welcome, ring 851396. No audition!

And the rest of us say a huge thank you to you Brenda, without whom we would have no choir.

Christmas Card Sale
October 23, 2017

Winsford 100 Club – October Winners
October 19, 2017

Winsford 100 Club – October Winners


131      Jo Johnson          £30

141      Gill Urry              £20

132      Nicky Hawkins     £10

69        Gerry Flanagan   £10

Virtual Tour of Winsford
October 18, 2017

Somerset Opera Presents – ‘Oh Mr Porter’
October 18, 2017

Dark Skies Festival Launch
October 4, 2017


Dark Skies Festival Launch


Friday 20th October

Winsford Village Hall

Astronomer Will Gater will be talking about

Exmoor’s Dark Skies & The Aurora

Tickets £5

Book on line at

or on the door

Booking on line recommended





October 3, 2017

Britons are being urged to fish out any old £1 coins from piggy banks and car gloveboxes as the deadline for using the old pound coins fast approaches.

There are just two weeks until the old £1 coins cease to be legal tender and businesses are no longer obliged to accept them.

But with more than £420m worth of old coins rattling around in coin jars, piggy banks and cars, according to Go Compare Money, consumers are being encouraged to find them and either use, exchange, or bank them before the October 15 deadline, after which only the new 12-sided £1 coins can be spent.

Any unspent £1 coins after 11:59 on October 15 can be traded in at banks, but this is only a temporary option – so it is a good idea to spend or exchange the coins now to avoid not being able to in future.

Avon & Somerset Police – Fraud Alert
October 3, 2017

BCU26 02102017 Fraud

Police have had a number of reports of fraud where people have been duped out of cash or coerced into purchasing items from fraudsters posing as police officers.

The latest scam involves people being contacted by a man posing as a police officer who is investigating a fraud at their bank. The victim is then persuaded to take part in an undercover investigation by obtaining cash from their account or by purchasing high value items including Rolex watches.

Arrangements are made for the victims to attend a meeting to hand over the cash or goods – the meeting point is sometimes a railway station.

A police officer, or any other official, will never ask for money or bank details over the phone or on the door-step or ask you to arrange to take them to a pre-arranged location. If you are unsure if the person is who they say they are, ask for identification such as their collar number and call 101 to check the name and the authenticity of the caller.

If you want to report being a victim of this type of fraud call 101, quoting reference 5217219020

Winsford Rainfall Statistics for August
October 2, 2017

Winsford Rainfall Statistics for August

Total                                            85.3mm     3.36 inches

Wettest Day (thunderstorm)           20th           12.3mm


Rector’s Letter – October 2017
October 2, 2017

In October in the Exmoor Benefice we are in the middle of our celebration of Harvest Festival. Harvest Festival is a wonderful mixture of traditions and has many roots. How we celebrate Harvest Festival today, as with all that we do, requires that we select from our traditions as we attempt to share and promote the ideas we value. Faith today is about having the confidence to believe that our selection points beyond matters of taste and preference to the source of all being, and is in tune with the fabric of creation. This requires of us that we are open to learn from all we meet, from the experience of others with different stories and traditions, different tastes and preferences, so that, together we can build the widest possible perspective, the most loving acceptance, a deeper and deeper sense of the sacred world and in our neighbour. Nothing less that this radical openness to learn cuts it when it comes to speaking about God.

The pre-Christian roots of Harvest Festival are associated with the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. The Autumn Equinox occurs the moment the sun crosses the Celestial Equator, an imaginary line in the sky above the earth’s equator, from north to south. This happens on either September 22nd, 23rd or 24th each year. So in this respect, Cutcombe and Hawkridge are closest to the origins of that aspect of the traditions this year, celebrating their harvests on the 24th September. In Tudor times the festival was held at the beginning of the harvest in early August. By the Victorian era, when Anglican clergy started to make it a church event it had moved to the end of Harvest in September or October. I have been doing some reading and have lots more to tell you at our Harvest events this year.

Harvest is another opportunity to spend time in the beautiful and ancient surroundings of our churches, thinking about beauty, creativity, the people we love and the things which give value and meaning to our lives, As I have written previously, making time for that is a basic practice of the Christian life and has variously been called prayer, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness. Our Harvest events are intended to create the most helpful context, and give a yearly reminder to make time and space for the stillness to be mindful, to contemplate, to pray.

All the best, David

October 1, 2017



Welcome to our 2017/18 Season

19th September

Their Finest (12A)

10th October

The Sense of an Ending (15)

31st October

Going in Style (12A)

21st November

Viceroy’s House (12A)

12th December

Hampstead (12A)

Winsford Village Hall – Tuesdays 7.30pm

Annual Membership £7.50 per person

Entrance fee: £2.50 Members – £4.50 non-Members