Winsford’s Notice Board

Christian Aid Week
May 15, 2019

Winsford Dog School
May 5, 2019

The Winsford Dog School

Winsford Village Hall

Training for that perfect companion!

Classes on Mondays:

Puppies at 5.30pm

Adults at 6.30pm and 7.30pm

 Courses run for 6 weeks

All are welcome from pup to geriatrics

To book a place please contact:

Suzy on 01643 851281

One to One is always available for behavioural issues

or training to get ahead!

Winn Club Sale and Coffee Morning
April 30, 2019

Winn Club Sale and Coffee Morning

Saturday 1st June, 10.30am

Winsford Village Hall

Plant stall, Cake Stall, Books, Bric-a-Brac, Clothes, Raffle

Lots of bargains

In aid of the Winn Club

Contact Sue Hayes 01643 851372 If you have goods to sell.

Winn Club Outing to Ottery St Mary
April 30, 2019

Winn Club Outing

to Ottery St Mary Garden Centre on Wednesday 15th May

Meet at Winsford Car Park at 9.30am

Our popular annual trip to this family run business which was founded in the

early 1960’s and has now grown to over 100 acres and is one of the largest

garden centres in the UK. Growing a vast selection of perennials, bedding and

shrubs, over 80% home grown, with a very large gift and retail section including

household items, cookware, leisure clothing and of course all things garden related!

Something for everyone and an excellent restaurant/cafe.

Trip cost £8 for Winn Club Members and £10 for non-members.

To book your place please ring Jean Bunn on 01643 851403

Parish News – Winsford
April 30, 2019

Paul Lawson

News has reached us of the death of Paul Lawson who with Jenny ran our shop for some years before its sad closure. They later moved to Nottinghamshire, and have been much missed. We send our love and condolences to Jenny.


Bingo & Easter Sale – Thank You

Sue Hayes writes “A big thank you to everyone who came to and gave prizes for our Bingo on 30th March. It was very successful and enjoyable evening which raised £680 for Exmoor Young Farmers.

Another big thank you to all who helped, brought and bought at our Easter Sale and Coffee Morning on 6th April. On a fine and sunny we raised £635.50 for the Seahorse Centre in Minehead where my daughter Rebecca goes every day. Thanks for all the support.


The Easter Vestry and Annual Meeting

The Easter Vestry and Annual Meeting of the Church took place on 9th April. Richmond Harding and Dvid Godsal were re-elected as Church wardens and the Officers and PCC were re-elected en bloc. At the end of the meeting Lilian Harding provided refreshments for all present to celebrate Richmond having served for 60 years as a member of the PCC and recently as Churchwarden. Members congratulated and thanked him for his service to St Mary Magdalene Church Winsford.

There was a christening on 14th April of Erin Baker, great grand daughter of Barbara Pears, and we look forward to welcoming her into the Church.


Edbrooke Road Quarry

Guy Thomas Everard has requested that the quarry on Edbrooke Road is not to be used for fly tipping of any kind, including garden waste.


Halse Lane

Halse Lane will be closed for three days from 22nd May for BT replace telegraph poles. The closure will be from Townsend Cottages to the cattle grid.


Parish Council

Winsford Parish Council’s last meeting was 25th March. The next meeting is the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 8th May and the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council is on the 20th May. Draft minutes of all meetings are available on the website and on the Parish Noticeboard, where the agenda is posted in advance of each meeting. Contact the Clerk Nic Kemp on 01643 841703 or email with any queries.

The 9th April was the Annual Assembly, which saw a very interesting presentation for Somerset Waste Partnership on recycling now and into the future, as well as updates on the Affordable Housing Working Group, the George Joyce Trust, and the Henry Leigh Trust, before Colin Wilkins gave the Chairman’s report of the past year. The evening was well attended, and with tea, coffee and biscuits, was enjoyed by all. The members of the Parish Council thank the 40 parishioners who attended the Annual Assembly and hope they found it informative.

The Henry Leigh Trust offers small grants to young people under 25 in the local parishes of Withypool & Hawkridge, Exford, Exmoor and Winsford.

Full details are on their website and anyone who is interested or in need of support is encouraged to apply.

While the Parish Council elections were uncontested this year, the District Council seat is up for election, so do please remember to use your vote on 2nd May. Also, Winsford Parish Council will be looking to co-opt an additional member on to the Council as there will be a vacant seat following Steve Hunt retiring from the council.

Rector’s Letter – May 2019
April 30, 2019

Rector’s Letter – May 2019


Many thanks to everyone who helped decorate the churches of the Benefice for Holy Week and Easter. They looked great, as always. thanks also to everyone who helped organise the extra activities and services during this special time in the Christian year. This is also a good time to say thank you to all the people who work throughout the year to keep our churches in good shape and welcoming, peaceful places as people often write in the visitor’s books.

In the Church calendar, each Spring, as we enjoy the return of daffodils, primroses, new leaves on the trees, there is an annual focus on the story of Jesus. The story of Jesus as told by those who lived with him or experienced his ministry; the story of his extraordinary charisma, wisdom, humility, gentle strength and commitment to others. A story which included his death on Good Friday, faithful and sustained by love; his Resurrection on Easter Day demonstrating God’s faithfulness and love for all of us, in all life’s challenges and complexity, it’s joys and sorrows. Implicit in the story and its retelling at Easter, is a renewed invitation to join in or return to the adventure of following Jesus in his way of love, generosity, kindness, encouragement and peace.

The particular focus that Jesus brings to religion was to put love and care for others at the heart of all he did. Jesus reinterpreted many of the religious ideas he inherited to return them to their original focus of love and care for others. This is the invitation of the church to us each Easter: to review where we have our focus; and to offer us the encouragement to refocus on love.

Love and care for others means being willing to change and grow as we learn more about other people and what life means for them. It means being open to a new perspective on things. The church is a place for listening to others, for getting in touch with our own feelings and tensions, for mutual encouragement in life challenges; it’s not the only place, but it is a place set up for the purpose and it is a privilege to be involved with so many others in providing that sort of space in our community, working with the whole community for the common good.

All the best, David

Winsford Village Hall AGM
April 24, 2019

Winsford Village Hall Committee

The AGM of the Winsford Village Hall Trustees’ Committee

will be held at the village hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th May 2019 (open to the public),

to be proceeded at 7pm by a short, closed, committee meeting to approve the accounts and any other matters.


1. Apologies for absence

2. Welcome to members of the public and summary of WVH 2018/19 SH

3. Approval of the Minutes of the last VHC meeting on 15/01/2019 SH

4. Matters arising from the Minutes of the last meeting:-

• Exterior painting additional quote SB/All

• Electrical testing IW/SB

• Field agreement SH/SB

• BT contract CF/IW

• Maintenance – to be covered at agenda item

• Playgroup funds HR/IW

5. Treasurer’s report (additional to the earlier closed meeting) IW

6. Maintenance items ALL

7. Website update HR

8. Activity Schedule review All

9. Future events

10. AOB All

11. Re-election and/or appointment of new WVH members. Appointment of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary All

12. Date of the next meeting All

Winsford Parish Council – Extraordinary Meeting
April 18, 2019

Notice of the Extraordinary Meeting of Winsford Parish Council on Friday

26 April 2019 at 11.00am in Winsford Village Hall

Dear Councillors,

You are hereby summoned to attend the next meeting of Winsford Parish Council to be held on Friday 26th April 2019 at 11.00am at Winsford Village Hall, for the purpose of transacting the following business.

All meetings are open to the public and Press.  The meeting will begin after members of the Parish electorate are given the opportunity to speak.  This will be restricted to 15 minutes or at the Chairman’s discretion.

Nic Kemp, Clerk to Winsford Parish Council

18 April 2019



  1. Apologies for non-attendance
  2. Declaration of Interests
  3. To discuss the Pre-Consultation – Proposed Emergency Services Telecommunications Base Station Installation at EAS0201K – Land at Halse Farm, Winsford TA24 7JL

Colin Wilkins, Chairman of Winsford Parish Council

18 April 2019

Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities, Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety, Bullying and Harassment, and Human Rights

Winsford Annual Assembly
April 9, 2019

Winsford Annual Assembly

To be held on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 7pm

in Winsford Village Hall



  1.     Apologies.
  2.     Minutes of the previous Meeting and Matters Arising.
  3.     Chairman’s Report, including Shooting update and update on Affordable Housing Working Group.
  4.     Presentation on Recycling by Somerset Waste Partnership.
  5.     Presentation on the George Joyce Trust by Richmond Harding.
  6.     Presentation on Henry Leigh Trust by Keith Lindop.
  7.     Questions from parishioners.
Winsford Annual Litter Pick Up
April 9, 2019


SUNDAY 14th April 2019




Please contact Sue Hayes on 01643 851372 for information or to register your help

Night Hike and Farmhouse Supper
April 8, 2019

Winsford 100 Club – April Winners
April 8, 2019

Winsford 100 Club – April Winners


1st          Ian Brookes (48)          £30

2nd         Simon Meade (19)        £20

3rd          Brian Smart (58)          £10

4th          Tim Debnie (179)         £10

Basic Obedience & Gun Dog Training
April 8, 2019

Basic Obedience & Gun Dog Training

One to One Lessons by Arrangement

Group Classes every other Sunday Morning 10.30- 12.30

Meadow by the River Exe, Winsford

All Levels catered for Puppy, Novice and Advanced.

Please contact Debbie Zurick for details on 01643 831427


Gun Dog Training

Gund Dog Training 3Gun Dog Training 1

Lyn Jive Club
April 6, 2019

Easter Sale & Coffee Morning
April 2, 2019

Easter Sale and Coffee Morning

Saturday 6th April, 10.30am at Winsford Village Hall

Cake Stall * Easter Stall * Books * Bric-a-Brac * Clothes * Raffle

Lots of Bargains


In aid of the Seahorse Centre, Minehead

Contact Sue Hayes 01643 851372

Thank you for your support

Winn Club Outing to House of Marbles, Bovey Tracey
April 2, 2019

Winn Club Outing to House of Marbles, Bovey Tracey

Wednesday 17th April

Meet at Winsford Car Park at 9.30am

You can tour the site’s historic trail with museums of glass, games, marbles,and Bovey Pottery as well as the listed kilns.

Many visitors while away an afternoon just browsing in the gift shop, glassworks and taking refreshments in the licensed restaraunt.

To book your place please ring Jean Bunn on 01643 851403

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Rector’s Letter – April
April 2, 2019

Rector’s Letter


Victorian women’s writing is fascinating. Victorian society was organised by powerful men. The highest value in Victorian society was given to white, wealthy, married men. Anything other than that ideal: being a woman; being poor; being unmarried; being what is now referred to as of Black or Minority Ethnic origin, but was then referred to even in ‘polite company’ by a range of derogatory and demeaning terms, in line with the general ideology of the time: any move away from the ideal form was considered of less value and actively discriminated against. As some women began to find a small amount of freedom to think about what life could be like outside the claustrophobic straight jacket of what their husbands thought was appropriate for them, and began to write novels about the lives they imagined, the result was often a tragic realisation that there was no hope of realising in Victorian society the ways of life they would choose if free to do so.

Today we have so much more freedom to live as we wish to do. But all of us, even if we are not white, wealthy, married men, also have the same urge as the culturally dominant Victorian men to put ourselves and our preferences at the centre and devalue everything that does not conform to our ideals, whatever they may be. In doing so we diminish the life experiences of others in our community. We also diminish ourselves when we do this because we make the world a darker place, less creative and interesting, less happy and hopeful.

The attacks on the Mosques  in New Zealand are an extreme example of someone allowing their prejudices and intolerance of others to take on a truly dark and disgusting form in such cowardly violence; the murder of men, women, children, toddlers; all pausing to pray. Jesus is clear in the Gospels that acts of murder begin as acts of intolerance, prejudice, hatred in the human heart. Witnessing the extreme might give us pause for thought and prayer about more casual, seemingly more harmless acts of prejudice and intolerance. Following Jesus, St Irenaeus said: The glory of God is a human being fully alive. Let us help each other to live fully, to realise our hopes, to love beyond cultural and ideological differences, to love even the other whom we find difficult to tolerate and challenging; to be open to learn from what is different; and crucially for the health and peace of our own community, to appropriately weigh and address intolerance and prejudice and nip it in the bud.

All the best, David


Winsford 100 Club – March Winners
March 12, 2019

Winsford 100 Club – March Winners


1st       Andrew Brown (173)       £30

2nd      Mike Hillier ( 119)           £20

3rd       Stanley Johnson(45)       £10

4th      Julia Brown (114)            £10

Parish Council News
February 5, 2019

Parish Council News

The carol singing collection for the The Children’s Hospice South West raised £220.07.

Many thanks to all who contributed.

The shooting season will finish on 31st January, and as informed at the Annual Assembly 2018, Milton and Withcombe shoots will collect any pheasants left in gardens.

Email contacts are chrisjones.withycombe@btinternet,com and

Winn Club Meetings 2019
January 8, 2019

Winn Club

Wednesday 16th January

Winsford Village Hall

2.30pm to 4.30pm

The speaker is Mr Brian Duke form Simonsbath. He is going to talk about

his life in farming. Brian does a very interesting talk.

Wednesday 13th February

Winsford Village Hall

2.30pm to 4.30pm

The speaker is from Minehead Lifeboats.

It will be an interesting talk about how the

lifeboat is run and supported.

We will be finalising our trips for the summer

For each meeting the cost is £5 which includes a lovely tea.

To book your place for any of the above meetings please ring

Jean Bunn on 01643 851403

We look forward to seeing you

Winsford 100 Club Winners – January 2019
January 8, 2019

Winsford 100 Club – January 2019


1st     Tamsin Godsal (51)         £30

2nd    Simon Meade (19)          £20

3rd     Mike Hayes (106)           £10

4th     Sue Hayes (110)            £10

Winsford 100 Christmas Draw
December 24, 2018

 Winsford 100 Christmas Draw



                      1st Prize      £100          Antony Coates (32)

                      2nd Prize     £ 50           James How (89)

                      3rd Prize      £ 30           Julia Green (126)

                      4th Prize      £20            Gerry Flanagan (69)

                      5th Prize      £10           Jeremy Brown (102)


British Legion Concert
November 29, 2018

A concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was held at the end of October, organised by Brenda Staples and April Golding. It was a memorable evening, with music, poetry and readings by the Benefice Choir and April’s Choir. Celebration is probably not the right word, for this event, more a memorial, which showed not only the death and suffering during the war, but the shattering of dreams afterwards as well – a very moving experience, but ending with everyone joining in the old songs. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Brenda and April, the choirs and may other people who provided lighting, food, etc.

The excellent sum of £342.50 was raised for the British Legion.

Bridget Ryle

Rector’s Letter – December
November 29, 2018

Rector’s Letter – December/January


As I write this letter for the December January Across Exmoor  I feel I ought to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Though both may still seem some way off we will be nearly a full month into the New Year when the next magazine comes out.

What do we mean by happy? Perhaps we mean content, fulfilled, loved, at peace with the world? Or perhaps, we think of happiness as a rather weak idea, a frivolous luxury after all the ‘real’ stuff has been struggled through. Human happiness is the goal of the Christian life. You might not realise this from some of the ways Christianity has been presented to you. Many presentations of Christianity seem quite the reverse focussing on ways people are judged to have failed. This is unnecessary and wrong. At the heart of Christianity is the idea that human beings are made in the image of God, reflecting God’s love in diverse ways expressing the full extent of God’s creativity.

On Advent Sunday our services look back to signs of the advent the coming, of Jesus in the Old Testament. The Advent Carol Service, at 6pm on 2nd December at Exford, will as usual feature the traditional carols and anthems specific to Advent. This year however, in addition to the traditional resonances of Advent in the music, I have chosen readings which highlight some aspects of God’s character which are then evident in the person of Jesus, when people met him. We will hear for example how God clothed Adam and Eve in the creation myth, echoed by Jesus whose encounter with the Gerasene Demoniac left him clothed and in his right mind; how Sarah laughed with God in Genesis, echoed in the way that Jesus joked with his disciples on the road to Emmaus; we will hear about Enoch, who breaks the pattern of the genealogy from Adam to Noah, with an extraordinary moment of intimacy and mystery characteristic of the New Testament.

The language we use about ourselves and others is important. It is in language that we give shape to our ideas, our sense of the world and our place in it and make space for others. Is the language we use really the best we can come up with as to express the love at the heart of the Christian faith? What do we really want to say to people who are important to us, especially at Christmas? The beautiful, familiar words printed in a Christmas card are nice but it is always the words that people themselves write in the card that mean more. This is the question to keep in mind, especially when we meet new and different people and ideas which can seem strange to us. These churches of Exmoor are for everyone, people of all faiths and none, people with enquiring, open minds; people who are seeking; not necessarily seeking answers but resources in their explorations and thinking. I am interested to hear your questions and thoughts as I prepare church services and gatherings and try to shape them with those questions and thoughts in mind. We have the beautiful and familiar words of the Christian tradition: what do we want to write in the card?


All the best, David



Winsford 100 Club – November Winners
November 9, 2018

Winsford 100 Club – November Winners


1st           Dave  Williams (162)          £30

2nd          James Winzer (115)           £20

3rd           Becky Hayes (59)              £10

4th           Elizabeth Zellweger(63)      £10

Christmas Card Sale & Remembrance on Exmoor
November 7, 2018




Harvest Supper – another very enjoyable evening!
November 4, 2018

Harvest Supper

Another enjoyable harvest supper took place on Saturday, 13th October. There are, of course, many people to thank, whose hard work ensured a successful evening.



First of all, thank you to John Titcombe, who was in charge of the tickets and manned the reception desk. He also made a really good job of selling the raffle tickets and organising the draw.

Once again, Trish Clatworthy’s table decorations were stunning. Thank you Trish for what must have been hours and hours of dedicated work.  Thank you also to Lilian Harding, who contributed a wide range of delicious desserts and to everybody else who provided salad or pudding dishes. Your contributions were very much appreciate.



After the meal the flower arrangements were auctioned off. We are very grateful for the generous bidding which took place. Richmond Harding, was determined that everyone should dig deep into their pockets to support church funds. He managed to get a top price of £20 for one of the flower arrangements. Thank you to Freddie Hayes for his winning bid and for all the other generous under-bidders.


Last but not least we must thank our team of washer-uppers without whom the harvest supper could not have taken place. At the end of the evening when all the proceeds were added up, we were delighted to find that we had made a total of £650. This was over and above the sum of £30 spent on food items for the Alcombe Larder.

Well done everybody. We look forward to seeing you again in 2019.

Tish Brown, Jo Johnson and Jane Pearn

Family Christmas Bingo
October 29, 2018

Family Christmas Bingo

Saturday 8th December at 8pm

Winsford Village Hall

Excellent Prizes



In aid of Winsford Church

Contact Sue Hayes on 01643 851372

for more details.

Christmas Sale & Coffee Morning
October 29, 2018

Christmas Sale & Coffee Morning

Saturday 24th November

Winsford Village Hall


Cake Stall, Christmas Stall, Books, Raffle,Clothes, Bric-a-brac

Lots of Bargains

In aid of Exmoor Community Youth Club

Contact Sue Hayes 0164 851372

Winn Club
October 29, 2018

Winn Club

Our winter programme starts on Wednesday 21st November at 2.30pm at

Winsford Village Hall.

We have a small bring and buy table.

The speakers are Orla and Martin Jones who will talk about their jobs

in the Police Force in London.

Please ring Jean Bunn on 01643 851403 to book your place. Non-members also welcome.

Cost is £5 for the talk and a lovely tea.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Winn Club Christmas Lunch is on Wednesday 21st December

at the Bridge Cottage Tea Room.

You do not have to be a member to come.

Please ring Jean Bunn on 01643 851403 if you would like to attend.