Winsford Recreation Association

Cricket ground
Winsford cricket ground in Spring

Winsford is a relatively small village and is very fortunate to have both a Cricket Ground with Pavilion and two tennis courts.


The Recreation Association committee meets annually and their role is to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of both of these facilities. Funding for this is raised through the 100 Club.


Everyone who lives in Winsford whether they be a resident or a holiday home owner are encouraged to participate in the 100 Club. Funds are collected annually in the spring, with a fee of £12 per person. Each month there is a draw of £30, £20,and two £10 prizes , this is doubled at Christmas and for the final draw of the year. All remaining funds are than allocated to the Recreation Association.


Tennis courts (Small)
Winsford tennis courts



Participating in this Club gives you free use of the tennis courts and sustains and ensures the future of these wonderful facilities. So if you are not currently involved and would like to be, or require any further information please contact:

Gerry Flanagan – The Treasurer, 01643 851762


Find out more about our Tennis Club and Cricket Club.


Meeting Minutes


19th July 2018