Welcome to Winsford Church

Like other ancient parish churches, Winsford speaks through stone, glass, wood and metal of a great part of the history of our nation. It speaks little of famous personalities but of architects, artists, and craftsmen, few now remembered by name, who have left us an enduring legacy of their skill, of builders and labourers whose ingenuity and muscle were able to erect this house of God and its lofty tower without modern aids.


It also conjures up the image of a long succession of generations of people living in this beautiful part of Exmoor, solemnizing their marriage vows before its altar; having their children christened in its Norman font; taking part in the many different forms of service; and many, in their turn, being laid to rest in the churchyard.


Yet primarily it speaks of God whose house it is, and for whose glory it was built. It has a fascinating history stretching back as far as the 12th century with contributions from every era since, showing the importance of the Church at the centre of Parish life. The main stages in the history of St Mary’s are shown here.   Life never stands still and, as with all ancient buildings, there is always work to be done and repairs to be paid for.


hp - churchWe very much welcome visitors, both to enjoy the beauty of the building and its surroundings and also to our services.  Details of our services are shown here.



Brigadier D H Godsal MBE DL

Edbrooke House, Winsford, Somerset TA24 7AE

Tel: (01643) 851239 email: dgodsal@aol.com