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Winsford Fete 2017 – Jam and Cake, Dogs and Sheep….A Fine Old Tradition!!

Winsford Fete 2017 – Jam and Cake, Dogs and Sheep….A Fine Old Tradition!


At last….the sun shone, the marquees flapped in the breeze, the sheep looked nervous and the stalls were all set with their wares!


Yes, the annual village fete was under starter’s orders! They’re off….. bang on 13.00.


Aaah…the tables and chairs ready for the tea-drinkers and cake-eaters, right in front in front of the Pavilion overlooking the marquees, full to the brim with various vegetables, cakes, bric-a-brac and books.





Would the second-hand clothes have anything to offer

such a well-dressed crowd..?


There may be some way to go to match The Chelsea Flower Show but there was a host of healthy plants on sale and for those traditional teas, homemade cake and jams!


The Raffle stall was doing good business but not quite like the whirlwind Tombola stall which had queues of at least 5 people from time to time! Sold out in just over the hour.




Now what’s going on over there? There seem to be a lot of dogs(mmm…), tails wagging like mad and enough barking to muffle the PA system playing old classics like “Trouble over Bridgwater” and Cliff’s “The Young Ones”. Many classes throughout the afternoon but of course, everyone’s favourite,the dog that looks most like its owner.

Oh for an owner with a Shar Pei or a Boxer!




Onward to the stall favoured by those wishing to take their stress out on inanimate china, the crashing and tinkling of breaking crockery to be heard across the recreation ground. 3 balls for 50p has resisted the onset of inflation and the devaluation of sterling for some time now and has to be the best value anywhere! Close by the coconut shy which actually needs a certain degree of accuracy and also…a liking for coconut.


As the first hour whittled away, the PA kept us up to date with the countdown to the star attraction of the whole fete, yes…you guessed it….the Sheep Racing, concerning 6 finely tuned woolly athletes each distinguished by a different colour ribbon. Unless you know a finely turned hoof or had been lurking in nearby fields, colour was really the only form guide.

Studying the form!


So the tension mounted for the first race and the sheep shuffled around nervously warming up… “Yellow is looking a bit anxious, Red has done a ewe-turn and oh dear! Green stop that!…” but the Starter can’t wait…They’re off!… and a frantic trudge to the finishing line cheered on by an enthusiastic but slightly bewildered crowd. Forget the colour of the first race winner but he was absolutely magnanimous in his tributes to his flock who had supported him through thick and thin!



The big race was the Royal Oak Handicap sponsored by the local pub and like the sheep that won has a really nice baaaaaar! More races and more excitement, the Tote was doing great business.

Meanwhile the children’s running and sack races were taking place on the cricket square.

The Raffle was drawn, the dog show and dog agility, were over, all the crockery was smashed and the sheep went back to have a rest and rest on their laurels. The dulcet sounds of the Four Tops with “The Same Old Song” rang in our ears as we headed for the Auction of the produce and the bakery goods. Healthy bidding for the Victoria sponges, brownies & stunning array of vegetables took place before everyone either went off home or retired to the local village green to continue festivities gasping now for a few beers or a glass of wine.


Who knew the tea cosy had so many uses?!!




A very good day and no doubt .. the same again to look forward to next year!

Winsford Village Green…the work continues!

The last few weeks have seen work continuing on the village green, mainly related to the repair of the wall to the Wynn Brook.

Firstly many thanks to Jenny and Sheila who did a great job weeding by the war memorial. Not a favourite job, but one which needs constant and on-going attention.


Over the years continued heavy rain and high water has eroded the wall by the Old Forge, distributing the stones along the brook. So work began to collect as many of the original stones as possible, to begin the repair!


Help was at hand with Steve Blackmore (the professional) and Dave Mileham doing the re-building with the usual suspects – Gerry, Mel and Beverley, helping with the heavy work of collecting the stones.


The result, a beautiful sturdy new wall which will stand up to whatever the weather chooses to throw at it!


Sadly the tree which stood above the crumbling wall had to be removed and it is hoped that funds can be raised to replace it and to add a few more plants! Any donations will be greatly received, just contact Mel or Beverley, through the website.




A Evening on the Green!

The sun was shining, the wind had dropped, so what better way to spend an evening with friends, playing skittles on the Village Green.

The alley on the Green has seen better days with many ruts and bumps, but that just added to the fun. Even the professionals would find it difficult to bowl a straight ball down this alley!

That didn’t matter and after several visits to the Wynn Brook to retrieve the errant ball, the friendly competition came to an end with the ladies showing the men the way, winning by a mere 15 points, the leading lady being Mel Mileham. However who knows what might happen next time, the competition is on!!






It was such a great evening that we hope to do it again 6pm on Friday 30th June, weather permitting, so come along and join the fun!!


What Just Happened?

What just happened?

Another General Election and all the fall-out from Labour’s unexpected surge in winning 262 seats, The Tories mis-management of their Campaign and Manifesto, Theresa May’s paradoxical “Strong and Stable” message and then not showing up to defend her policies in the TV debates, the new reliance on the DUP to win a majority in the Commons and what will become the longest running soap opera since Coronation St., you guessed it…Brexit! Talk about snatching a defeat out of the jaws of victory!Juncker must be falling about!

Quite a lot to absorb and the more you hear about the potential outcomes, the more confused you get!

An exciting but challenging theatre on the political stage with a cast featuring the doughty pacifist Jeremy, the dismayed Theresa and her new Cabinet including the exiled and smug Michael with the nodding Boris still apparently onside with her views, and you’re tempted to ask, where were her key Ministers during this election campaign? Apparently requested to lie low just in case…..but they needn’t have worried, Theresa did a sterling job on their behalf (yes it dropped 2 cents) and Jeremy ought to have followed suit with some of his Shadow Cabinet. He must have learned a little from Mr Chump about serving up a lip-smacking buffet of policies which all age-groups could consume…..but put them in to practice? Donald could also assist in advising him that it’s far easier to be a spectator than a player!

And all this down to our decision to leave the EU… sign of Dodgy Dave now, he’s well out of it! Inflation rising at 2.9% and the stock market hitting record highs, both according to our sources, in the main, down to the devaluation of sterling. Mrs May and her team will have their work cut out in Brussels as the EU team will surely want to show that we cannot have our cake and eat it. It will be interesting to review the before and after. Here we go!

And then,when you need an antidote to politics, yes…..turn on the sport. Wow!

The Lions beat Canterbury, England rugby union team beat Argentina in the most exhilarating game, our cricket team slaughtered the Aussies, Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian GP and our under-20’s football team won their World Cup! Not a bad weekend and cause for some recovered pride in our nation.

But what of local news….ummmm…down in the village, nothing stirred, just the odd whirr of a mower, a melodic peal of bells on Sunday and locals and visitors enjoying the tranquillity of the village green and its surrounds. Oh….and the odd soft or hard breakfast!


Far from the madding crowd, thank goodness!




7.00AM TO 10.00PM


Winsford Parish Council – Vacancy




To apply please send a copy of your
CV to the above address.

Closing Date for applications:
Monday 19th June

What a day for Winsford!

What a day for Winsford!

Beautiful weather welcomed 35 eager racegoers as they boarded the coach in the centre of the village for a Day at the Races at Taunton. Amongst them Eileen, Francis and Nicky Ayliffe who were representing the family Ayliffe, as Taunton had granted them a race dedicated to the memory of Nick, our legendary local NH trainer who sadly passed away a few months ago.



To pass the time on the journey we had a little competition to predict the winning time of this race with a clue that over 3 miles a horse runs at about an average 30mph! Kay Tillyer won this with exactly the correct time of 5m.46 secs!

Once at Taunton the various parties went off in differing directions, some for lunch and others to the bars and some just to enjoy the racing and the sunshine.

The Taunton management kindly asked us to pick the “Best turned out” in Nick’s race and Nicky Tillyer, who knows a thing or two about horses, selected Milord who had had his mane plaited and had been well polished!


Muthabir at 9-2 won the race and Milord was fifth with Daklondike from David Pipe’s yard, where Martin Ayliffe works as Senior Head Lad, a disappointing fourth. We had such high hopes and it would have been the perfect finale but……that’s racing!



However Eileen, family and friends still had the enjoyment of presenting the trophy to the winning owner!


Seven races later we boarded the coach back to Winsford and it appeared that although there were not many winners on the day everyone enjoyed themselves and are all set to do it again at Newton Abbot during the Summer.
The big winner on the day was the feel good community spirit it generated!


The Winsford Recreation Association will be coming up with other events over the balance of this year as we need more…… fun!

Cleverly Everly Show

All of those who attended the Cleverly Everly Show in Winsford Village Hall in February had a memorable night.

Somerset brothers Stan and Clinton Rogers together with Uta and their side kick and manager John McGinn took us back in time with classic songs from the 60’s, made us laugh and even had us dancing in the aisle!

Delicious canapés were provided by Roy and Theresa from the Bridge Cottage Tea Rooms, who organised the event.

They send a huge thank you to all those who helped in making the night a success, all who donated prizes for the raffle (over 40) and for all the cash donations received from those who could not attend. The event was a sell out and £1652.24 was raised for Cancer Research.

 Bridget Ryle

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