Cycling on Exmoor

Road Riding and Mountain Biking

Although Exmoor is hilly, it offers cycling for all. Its hills present challenges to road cyclists and off-road enjoyment to mountain bikers. For others, some map reading and route planning will reward with less energetic routes. For example, relatively easy road cycling routes can be followed along the top of Exmoor, down its valleys and around its lower slopes.


Miles of Bridleways

Besides its roads and quiet lanes, Exmoor has hundreds of miles of bridleways and roads used as public paths (RUPP’s). There is considerable scope for exploration and freedom to discover your own style of routes. The Ordnance Survey Map Outdoor Leisure 9, with its clear marking of the various rights of way, is a good starting reference. More specific leaflets showing designated cycle routes are available from the various information and visitor centres. A specialist map entitled Exmoor Off Road Cyclists is produced by Exmoor National Park.


Moor Information

More information on cycle routes can be found on the following websites:


We will be updating this page with local routes soon.