Winsford Bridge Group

Winsford Bridge Group Thursday evenings at 7.30 – 10.0 pm   Cost £2  includes tea/coffee and biscuits.


Welcome to Winsford Bridge Group


About seven years ago a big makeover was finished at the Village Hall, including the addition of an extra, smaller room.  As a result of this the  Committee were very keen to get more activities there, and my husband Michael suggested that we should start a bridge class, mainly for people who had never played.  We may not be professional bridge players, but had both played for a long time, Michael since he was a child, so we felt we must know more than people who had never played!


Advertisements went out, and there was a very good response.  Michael, who had a very logical mind, wrote a set of notes laying out the basic rules, and we got going.  Among others who started then were Pam and Rex Gascoyne, Ueli and Elizabeth Zellweger, Evelyn and Kevin Connell, Sylvia Manley, Michael Stanbury, none of whom had ever played, as well as numerous others who wanted to brush up after a long gap, and who have come and gone over the years.. Many of them have become very good players, and many went on to play at Dulverton Bridge Club and other places.


We are a small group at the moment, but are pleased to have two new beginners, Roy and Theresa from the Tearooms (when they have time).  They are picking it up very well, and we hope to have some others shortly, new members are very welcome and much needed.


While we play seriously and try to keep to the rules, we are a very relaxed group, and discuss everything and have fun.  We have adapted to the problem of Kevin’s blindness by playing with Braille cards, so with his incredible memory , he can enjoy it too.


Bridge is a great game.  It is always different, costs almost nothing, keeps ones brain active, can be played at any age and you get to meet a whole lot of new people.  Come and try.


Bridget Ryle