VE Day 8th May 2020 & Village News Update

VE Day 8th May 2020

75 years ago the masses descended on the City of London to hear Winston Churchhill’s victory speech given  in Downing Street, declaring that after six long years, the war in Europe was over….. and so.. the partying began!

However that was not true for everyone, and the war out of Europe continued until VJ Day on the 15th August, when the Japanese surrendered and World War II finally ended. Only then did the armed forces and prisoners of war finally return home to their loved ones.

For some of us VE day was very poignant, having had close family and relatives who had served in the war and who were not now alive to witness this special commemoration. 


So how did Winsford commemorate the day?…with its usual enthusiasm!!! 

Thursday saw the village being decorated, flags and bunting abounded, a great sight! 





And the big day?

There was a small gathering at the War Memorial (social distancing respected) to commemorate those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, with the afternoon seeing toasts being made all over the village, to those remembered, with the odd glass of champagne being consumed no doubt!





At 7pm a lone bell was due to be rung but unfortunately due to circumstances out of Winsford’s control this couldn’t take place. However not to be thwarted, the hardy few once again returned to the memorial armed with hand bells and rang these for 75 rings, maybe not the most tuneful sound but definitely a spirited event in memory of those who had given their lives. Finally after the Queen’s address, many villagers once again took to their doorsteps to join in the nationwide singalong of We’ll Meet Again, a war time favourite.  Music and the enthusiastic singing could be heard throughout the village!



So 75 years on, that is how we commemorated VE day, but in another 75 years how will how grandchildren and great grandchildren view the commemoration? With an element of bemusement I suspect! Given that history will show that we were in the midst of the biggest pandemic the world has ever seen, we still managed to decorate every immovable object with flags and bunting, dress up for the occasion in a variety of eclectic outfits, make the biggest scones ever seen, laden with cream and jam and drink copious amounts of tea from tea pots adorned in a variety of knitted cosies! It may seem strange to the outside world, however this is how this wonderful, spirited, eccentric nation gets through tough times and long may it continue!

So in remembrance,

‘To those who gave so much we thank you’


Finally, this will undoubtedly be the last little piece of writing I will do for a while as there are exciting times ahead with the launch of the new Winsford Website, details to follow, but it will be easy to find at the same address.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you especially to Gerry who has always been there over the last six years with his humorous writing and blogs and to everyone else that has used and contributed to the website.

Good luck to the new team, keep the blogs and photos coming!!

So what better way to say goodbye at this time, with a phrase much used in war films…..Over and Out!


Best wishes