Winsford Helps the Injured Animals of Australia.

Several weeks ago, at the height of the fires in Australia, a small group of residents decided that they could no longer sit back and watch the terrible scenes of devastation to the wildlife population, constantly shown on the TV.
So a plan was hatched to have a fun afternoon of sewing to make as many pouches as possible for the injured Joey’s and Koalas.
When the designated afternoon arrived, the Village Hall was a hive of activity with volunteers and sewing machines at the ready and the operation was faultless!
Sue Hayes had made the patterns in advance so the groups of cutters were off to a quick start, the cutout pouches were passed to the Ironers, then finally to the bank of sewing machines, which whirred into action, all helped along as is tradition, by tea and cake! Very quickly the piles of finished pouches were mounting up and thanks to everyone’s material donations we could safely say the waiting Koalas and Joey’s would have the most fashionable pouches available!








In all 160 pouches were produced, a great effort for a few hours of work and enjoyment, these were duly posted off and have now finally reached their destination.

So many thanks to everyone who contributed their help to this very worthwhile project, it is very much appreciated.


Thank you!