Rector’s Letter – November

During September and October, we celebrated Harvest in the eight churches of the benefice. Each Harvest Festival was different, different village, different people, different themes, different symbols. What is common to all of them is an opportunity to pause for thought and reflection on the things which sustain us: our food and the farmers who produce it; the importance of sharing and including everyone: our family, friends and neighbours who encourage us and with whom we share our life: the work, activities and interests which provide the things we need and the motivation to be creative: the inspiration to make the most of this amazing gift of life.

It has been great to hear ideas, readings and poems expressing what Harvest means to lots of different people across the benefice. In preparation for the Exford School Harvest I spent some time painting with them, discussing the ways colour expresses things in abstract art, mixing colours to include our own favourite colours and other people’s seeing the result in the beautiful multi coloured paintings that are produced. We then took the same approach to writing a Harvest poem, starting with the things we felt about Harvest and then thinking about what it means to think of other people and their ideas. So I would like to share with you the poem we wrote so that you can hear a few more Harvest voices, expressing their ideas about Harvest and also to give you a glimpse of the wonderful creativity and talent there is in our young people.

The theme of our Harvest this year is that the world is a more beautiful place if we include everyone’s ideas.

All the best



In this poem, we painted what we felt not just what we saw.

At Harvest time we thank you for the world we live in,

We think of the other people we share the world with,

Kids from the city eat food from the countryside’s farms,

We think of people who are allergic to cow’s milk, who need goat’s milk instead.

We think about potatoes and Brussel sprouts and pineapple.

The Fergusons need fixing because they will start to rust.

We think about the colours that make the world more fun.

We tried to paint and then, and write our poem, with the colours we feel,

not just the colours we see.

Light green, dark green, lime, aqua, baby blue.

Dark blue, red, orange, purple, lime green.

Apple red, fluffy white, great orange, light pink, jolly yellow, bright green.

Aqua blue, coral blue, baby blue, light blue, dark blue, different ways of seeing

makes life more fun.

My favourite colours are gold and silver.

Orange leaves fall to the ground,

Everything is orange.

Golden Dandelions spread their seeds,

And heather dims Dunkery,

Is no longer in purple.

Stags are roaring, Adders are hissing

Harvest time.

It’s time for harvest

It feeds us all.

We need the farmer in the field.

Pineapple is my favourite fruit

because it is yummy.

Countryside farm,

Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens.

Running round in baby blue rain.

Harvest is coming time to get ploughing.

Animals roaring on the moor.

A New Year is coming.