Winsford 100 Club and Impromptu Skittles on the Green-What a Hit!

Winsford 100 Club


It’s that time of year again when members of the Recreation Association will be calling for your annual subscription, which still remains at £12 and which will ensure that your membership of the Winsford Recreation Association continues for another year.

Your membership not only entitles you to be entered into the monthly 100 Club draws, but it enables you and your families to use and contribute towards the upkeep of the tennis courts, cricket pavilion and recreation field.

Please use these wonderful facilities, they are there for the enjoyment of everyone!

In the last year we have paid out almost £1000 in prizes whilst enabling us, to still maintain the tennis courts and recreation field to the best possible level.

Someone will be calling soon to collect your subscription, but if you have any questions or suggestions please call me on 01643 851762

(Cheques should be made payable to Winsford Recreation Association)

Many thanks for your continued support.

Beverley Flanagan

Winsford Recreation Association

Impromptu Skittles on the Green – What a Hit!


The village green had not seen anything like it for many months, teams of Ladies and Gents competing extremely enthusiastically over a game of skittles but….. everyone having, in the words of Miranda’s Mum, such fun! Fuelled by a small army of wine bottles and the odd beer and G&T, the tension mounted as the teams fought their way through four rounds, eleven per side.
The Gents’ team led by two points after the first round and there was many a miss but some full houses as all 9 skittles were bowled over.
The Gents won the second round by only one point and they then unknowingly led in the third. However all wanted to play again, thus it was all to play for in the fourth and final round!
Humorous comments peppered the final round as some stepped up to the plate and others failed miserably, (The Winn Brook seeing a great deal of activity).  In the end? Yes ,the Ladies’ team won the final round by 3 points and therefore earned an honourable draw.
A really successful social event which we will sustain throughout the Summer. Well played everyone!