Rector’s Letter – May 2019

Rector’s Letter – May 2019


Many thanks to everyone who helped decorate the churches of the Benefice for Holy Week and Easter. They looked great, as always. thanks also to everyone who helped organise the extra activities and services during this special time in the Christian year. This is also a good time to say thank you to all the people who work throughout the year to keep our churches in good shape and welcoming, peaceful places as people often write in the visitor’s books.

In the Church calendar, each Spring, as we enjoy the return of daffodils, primroses, new leaves on the trees, there is an annual focus on the story of Jesus. The story of Jesus as told by those who lived with him or experienced his ministry; the story of his extraordinary charisma, wisdom, humility, gentle strength and commitment to others. A story which included his death on Good Friday, faithful and sustained by love; his Resurrection on Easter Day demonstrating God’s faithfulness and love for all of us, in all life’s challenges and complexity, it’s joys and sorrows. Implicit in the story and its retelling at Easter, is a renewed invitation to join in or return to the adventure of following Jesus in his way of love, generosity, kindness, encouragement and peace.

The particular focus that Jesus brings to religion was to put love and care for others at the heart of all he did. Jesus reinterpreted many of the religious ideas he inherited to return them to their original focus of love and care for others. This is the invitation of the church to us each Easter: to review where we have our focus; and to offer us the encouragement to refocus on love.

Love and care for others means being willing to change and grow as we learn more about other people and what life means for them. It means being open to a new perspective on things. The church is a place for listening to others, for getting in touch with our own feelings and tensions, for mutual encouragement in life challenges; it’s not the only place, but it is a place set up for the purpose and it is a privilege to be involved with so many others in providing that sort of space in our community, working with the whole community for the common good.

All the best, David