Newsletter/Across Exmoor/Rectors Letter – February 2018

Rector’s Letter – February 2018


The good news for people who enjoy reading Across Exmoor is that a number of people have come forward with offers of help in compiling the magazine and administrating the adverts and it looks hopeful for a relaunch in April. I very much hope this works out. Many people have told me how much reading Across Exmoor each month means to them. It was very disappointing not to have the Christmas December edition but it looks like we will be moving to more of a team effort in producing the magazine in the future, which will be less dependent one individual. Lots of people have told me that the village news which appears in the magazine is very important to them so please continue to send in village news to the local compiler. I am also hoping that we will dedicate a couple of pages to the help that is available to people across the moor in need of some support from various charities and agencies and how to access that help; but that will be a matter for the new editorial panel.

Thought for February:

Lent this year begins on February 14th with Ash Wednesday. The name comes from the practice of making the sign of the cross on the forehead with ash as a reminder of human frailty, echoing words from the Bible and funeral service: remember that you are dust and to dust you will return. This is meant to free the individual from over-burdensome expectations of themselves and others as we are invited to begin in Lent a period of reflection on our life, our hopes, our priorities, and the way in ¬†which our lives reflect in practice the ideals and ethos we value. Remembering that we are dust offers a generous context as we do not fall into being too self-critical and it also acknowledges the fragility and transitoriness of life and perhaps hints at a sense of urgency in putting into practice what we believe we hold dear, while we have the time left to us here on earth, another echo from the funeral service. In summary then we might say the Lent offers us time to reflect on our mortality, to reset our priorities so that in the words of ancient wisdom ‘we take from death before it takes from us.’ There will be a service of Holy Communion with ashing on Wednesday 14th February at 12 noon and then on each subsequent week of Lent, there will be a reflection on the themes of Lent at 12 noon each Wednesday all in Exford Church Chancel.


David Weir