Winsford Village Green…the work continues!

The last few weeks have seen work continuing on the village green, mainly related to the repair of the wall to the Wynn Brook.

Firstly many thanks to Jenny and Sheila who did a great job weeding by the war memorial. Not a favourite job, but one which needs constant and on-going attention.


Over the years continued heavy rain and high water has eroded the wall by the Old Forge, distributing the stones along the brook. So work began to collect as many of the original stones as possible, to begin the repair!


Help was at hand with Steve Blackmore (the professional) and Dave Mileham doing the re-building with the usual suspects – Gerry, Mel and Beverley, helping with the heavy work of collecting the stones.


The result, a beautiful sturdy new wall which will stand up to whatever the weather chooses to throw at it!


Sadly the tree which stood above the crumbling wall had to be removed and it is hoped that funds can be raised to replace it and to add a few more plants! Any donations will be greatly received, just contact Mel or Beverley, through the website.