What Just Happened?

What just happened?

Another General Election and all the fall-out from Labour’s unexpected surge in winning 262 seats, The Tories mis-management of their Campaign and Manifesto, Theresa May’s paradoxical “Strong and Stable” message and then not showing up to defend her policies in the TV debates, the new reliance on the DUP to win a majority in the Commons and what will become the longest running soap opera since Coronation St., you guessed it…Brexit! Talk about snatching a defeat out of the jaws of victory!Juncker must be falling about!

Quite a lot to absorb and the more you hear about the potential outcomes, the more confused you get!

An exciting but challenging theatre on the political stage with a cast featuring the doughty pacifist Jeremy, the dismayed Theresa and her new Cabinet including the exiled and smug Michael with the nodding Boris still apparently onside with her views, and you’re tempted to ask, where were her key Ministers during this election campaign? Apparently requested to lie low just in case…..but they needn’t have worried, Theresa did a sterling job on their behalf (yes it dropped 2 cents) and Jeremy ought to have followed suit with some of his Shadow Cabinet. He must have learned a little from Mr Chump about serving up a lip-smacking buffet of policies which all age-groups could consume…..but put them in to practice? Donald could also assist in advising him that it’s far easier to be a spectator than a player!

And all this down to our decision to leave the EU…..no sign of Dodgy Dave now, he’s well out of it! Inflation rising at 2.9% and the stock market hitting record highs, both according to our sources, in the main, down to the devaluation of sterling. Mrs May and her team will have their work cut out in Brussels as the EU team will surely want to show that we cannot have our cake and eat it. It will be interesting to review the before and after. Here we go!

And then,when you need an antidote to politics, yes…..turn on the sport. Wow!

The Lions beat Canterbury, England rugby union team beat Argentina in the most exhilarating game, our cricket team slaughtered the Aussies, Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian GP and our under-20’s football team won their World Cup! Not a bad weekend and cause for some recovered pride in our nation.

But what of local news….ummmm…down in the village, nothing stirred, just the odd whirr of a mower, a melodic peal of bells on Sunday and locals and visitors enjoying the tranquillity of the village green and its surrounds. Oh….and the odd soft or hard breakfast!


Far from the madding crowd, thank goodness!