Exmoor Policing News

Exmoor Policing News

As we head into Summer the Exmoor Policing Team are keen to encourage people to take some simple but effective steps to spruce up their security.

Don’t leave keys in the ignition of your Landcover, quad bike or car. If more than one person needs to use it, please use a combination lock box. Make sure doors and windows are locked when you go out at night. One quarter of all burglaries are due to insecure home and opportunist thieves. For more crime prevention advice visit www.aspolicestaysafe.co.uk

We are also encouraging people to join their local Farm, Horse and Neighbourhood Watch schemes – you can find more information on our website www.avonand somerset.police.uk

We are trying to combat poaching and rural crime across Exmoor. You can help us by being our eyes and ears and using your local knowledge. Please report any suspicious people or vehicles by calling us on 999, if you think a crime is in progress or using the 101 number or the website if you have information about a suspected crime in your area.

Finally you can help us and your community by looking out for vulnerable relatives, neighbours and friends. Distraction burglars and con-artists particularly target the elderly, who can be vulnerable to cons and fraud, doorstep crime and online/telephone scams.

Unscrupulous criminals exploit their reluctance to appear rude to unsolicited callers or their lack of confidence with technology. We can all make a difference by just saying hello and keeping an eye on people in our community. Not only will it reduce loneliness but it can reduce the likelihood of people becoming victims of crime. If older people, particularly those who live alone, have someone nearby they can trust they might be more likely to question something, perhaps saving themselves from becoming a victim.