Winsford Litter Pick Up 2017

Fearless, flexible and fantastic, the Dirty Dozen usual suspects tuned up on a wet and windy day in Winsford to do the annual litter pick. Someone’s gotta do it and some of the excuses others gave were really original..!

Wrapped up like a bag of Blue Circle, they tirelessly trudged around the roads and lanes of the village to find a range of objects ranging from Red Bull cans (still No.1!), sandwich, sweet and biscuit wrappers, baccy pouches, toys, a Gary Barlow CD and the odd sign….one found up Ash Lane was a solid plastic sign advertising Conservation services….how ironic!



Unlike previous encounters with the litter louts, there was remarkably less to pick up as we now have a number of villagers who do it on an ongoing basis. We don’t need to wait a year to exfoliate the village surrounds and if we could persuade those that pollute the environment to actually put it in a bin or take it home, we wouldn’t have to write any more blogs!


Thanks to the dedicated Dirty Dozen and also to Mark & Sally for again offering to refresh those parts that the wet and cold hadn’t reached!

Let’s now think before we sling and Keep Winsford Tidy!